How Many Types of Car Inspections Do You Know About?


The advantage of carrying car inspections cannot be overemphasized. This activity is very beneficial to everybody that owes a car. A car owner can know the health condition of his/her by just performing car inspections. It will be very much difficult for you to tell the current state of your car if you do not get it down for checkups. Just like the health of humans, state of health of cars too must be taken serious and not for granted. Different measures can be taken on every part of a car to ensure nothing is wrong with the car.

In this article, we will be discussing some very important types of car inspections that must be done to make sure our vehicles are in good conditions.

Fluid Inspection

Fluids inside a car are very important as any other parts. These fluids are what our cars depend on before they are able to run. You must always do car inspections to ensure that there is no leakage in your car as any leak would lead to loss of fluids. And when this happens, your car is no longer in good condition as you will start experiencing one problem or the other with your car. Fluids found in a car are engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and differential fluid. You must also inspect the levels of these fluids once in a while to ensure proper health condition of your car.

Exhaust Inspection

A car is most likely to produce more smog into the air that is detrimental to the environment if the car’s exhaust system develops a problem. The sound from an exhaust leak is very terrible and it can even lead to performance issues too. Whenever an exhaust inspection is performed on your vehicle, everything from the manifold down to the tailpipes must be checked to ensure that nothing is wrong with it. Leaks from exhaust tubing and clogged catalytic converters are the most common things found a car’s exhaust system.

Brake Inspection

Vehicles brakes are another important part that mustn’t be taken with levity when planning on performing car inspections. Without the brake, it will be impossible for you to stop your car in motion. And as a matter of fact the safety of a driver on the road depends on the brake of the car. whenever you are performing brake inspection on your car, you must check if your brake pads need to be changed or the lines of your car’s brake is in a good condition. You must never forget to inspect the rotor of your brake is not in bad state of health.

Suspension Inspection

The suspension parts of your car can go a long in determining the quality of your drives. Because of this reason, you must always perform suspension inspection on your car to prevent your car from getting into severe problems. The suspension parts of a car like struts, shocks, springs, tie rod ends, control arms and the rest are tied in with one another. This connection among these parts can lead to one part not working well affecting the other parts from functioning appropriately. This is why you must always ensure all of them are in good condition.

Getting professional vehicle inspections on your cars before selling is one of the best investments you can make. A car that comes with a fully inspected badge would sell for a lot more and thus making it all the while.